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Family, Extended Family & More Family!
How are we connected? Many of us don't even know one another…!
Starting with me "TaNica" or "any one else in our family", by marriage, thru our children, & even through adoption we are all very
much connected to one another.  It does get complicated, but the connection is there.  And because there are so many different
pockets of families, so many of us don't even know one another.  Our Family Connector is hoped to be a one stop shop to keep us
all connected & updated regarding family things.  I encourage your suggestions, ideas, thoughts about the site and the entire Our
Family Connector project.  I want to build a full network of family members that would stay committed to keeping this thing rolling.

Our Family Connector INCLUDES:
yo grandmas, yo grandpas, all yo greats, great greats, yo mama, yo daddy, yo full sibling/s, half sibling/s, step sibling/s, yo auntie/s,
uncle/s, cousin/s, niece/s, nephew/s, yo husband, yo wife; not married but got a baby daddy or baby mama, he/she and their family
are all family too.  Did I forget anyone else?  Also to all those who have a child/children together but are no longer with one another
& 1 or both of you move on and have another child/children with someone else, you're now connected to another family through
those siblings!

Let us not forget, that all those folks that were just mentioned above are made up of 2 halves, that's more family!  "Oh my, must I
go on, am I explaining it right?"  Like I said it can all get a little confusing, but it does extend family lines & creates a family
connection through us all.
Family from all regions where you @?
Last updated 1/10/2014
Representatives, committees, &
family individuals are needed!
for more information &/or contact
TaNica if interested in volunteering
with Our Family Connector.
Our Family Connector created by: TaNica Lyons
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